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Learning From The Neighbor Pt IIII

So as I continued to think about Mary, and wearing a bra and panties and pantyhose, and being dressed as a girl, and I continued to jerk off, I got curious about Mary talking about girls’ periods and a need to wear to panties even with pantyhose. We kids all continued to hang out with Mary but... Click to Read More

Learning From The Neighbor Pt III

So I was out wandering around the yard doing nothing. All my friends were busy with other things and Mary the neighbor lady called me from her back door. I ran over to see what was up and she told me she had something to share with me, and that my mom knew I’d be over at her house for a while.... Click to Read More

Being Randy

i havent had a lot of Leesa time lately and i was getting a little randy. i came home from work and hopped into the shower. grabbed some sweet coconut body wash and cleaned off the overnight grime. dragged my razor over my legs and ass, and rubbed down with some lotion after drying off. i stepped into my lavender... Click to Read More

First Time While Camping In My Neighbor’S Backyard

John and I became instant friends when he had moved in to the house three doors down. I was 9 and he was almost 11. We were both in Boy Scouts and we were inseparable.

A few years later, I had just finished eighth grade and it was summer vacation. I was going to be... Click to Read More

Learning From The Neighbor Pt II

I was told to relax and to sit back down on the bed. She sat down beside me and was told to feel my bra and breast. I did and then she had me feel her bra and breasts which of course got me even hornier than I was. She went on to say this is how boys and girls feel differently. She said that... Click to Read More

Learning From The Neighbor

its 1976. im 11 years old and gettting to where i get randy pretty easily. a young couple (mid-20s) move in next door. Mary and Wes have no kids. There are about 6 other kids my age (+ or - a year either way) in the neighborhood and we all love hanging out with Mary because we make pizzas and play... Click to Read More

Pool Pole With The Boys

Having not dressed in several months, I was feeling a bit out of sorts. I decided I needed some new finery to pick my spirits up so off to catalogs I ran. I perused the bra and panty sets for about an hour before deciding on a satin side wire bra and hi-cut brief, both with lace trim. Both were of... Click to Read More

Banged In Boron

Banged in Boron In late summer of 2009 I was driving back across the desert from a trip to the Bay Area. It was a relatively quiet week night on the usually hectic California Highway 58, hot and clear and a perfect night for a stop to soak up the stars. I needed to get out of the car anyway because my panties... Click to Read More

Pantyhose Sex

I had known this gal for many years and we had dinner and were flirting with each other. We moved to the sofa and she started rubbing her hand on my lap, she touched my now hardening cock through my jeans. I was touching her breast. It was getting really hot. She told me she wanted me to fuck her. I wanted to but I... Click to Read More

So Dissapointed

after writing 3 stories, 2 of them true, and sharing over 60 photos in my panties and girdles and stockings, ive gotten nothing but thumbs down. after writing 3 stories, 2 of them true, and sharing over 60 photos in my panties and girdles and stockings, ive gotten nothing but thumbs down. i want to share more... Click to Read More

Caught Starting Out

when i first started dressing fully, with a wig and shoes and such, i was newly married and without children. i got my first skirt at the local goodwill and generally just snagged my bras and panties from my wife. i eventually bought my own, when i started to buy my own pantyhose (which i just LOVE by the... Click to Read More